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Nominations have now closed and public voting will commence soon

This award recognises a technology or support business that is best supporting Grey Nomads to live happier, healthier and safer lives on the road.


Once nominations close then public voting will open.


Who should nominate a business for one of these two awards?

  • Grey Nomads

  • Local Government Authorities

  • RV clubs

  • Community organisations

  • Emergency services

  • Health providers

  • Community organisations

  • Caravan park and camping space providers

  • Event organisers.

Best Grey Nomad Technology

For any technology-based gadget, tool or App that is assisting mature-aged travellers in Australia to live healthier, happier and safer lives while on the road.

Best Grey Nomad Support Service

For any organisation or business providing a support service to mature age travellers on the road. This could include, but is not limited to, auto clubs, mechanics, RV repair operations, truck washes, insurance companies and battery shops.