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I’m Dreaming of an RV Christmas

Are you like me and missing life on the road this festive season?

I’m longing for the space and freedom, and I think it’s official – I’m nuts for the Grey Nomad life and the Digital Nomad way.

As I can’t hit the road over the holidays, I’ve been mulling over ways to stay connected to that oh-so-sweet feeling that traveling in the moho engenders in me. I had a few lame ideas before coming across one that excited me.

I'm going to bake and decorate a Christmas gingerbread RV!

Although I want to create something individual that reflects the colours and tastes that I know my Christmas guests will enjoy, I’ve none-the-less invested all morning researching and gathering ideas. Here are my five faves.

This fab little caravan is uber cool and really caught my eye. I love its use of lollies and chocolates to represent lights. If your linguistic dexterity extends to Indo-European languages then check out details on its creation.

A gem from Australia’s very own Taste.com.au. The recipe assures me there is only five simple steps, so that’s a plus. I love the notion of two mirror halves too and I’m sure I can “trick up” the decorations with some mint leaves for bushes, raspberries for flowers and flake bars for fence posts.

Here’s another take on the same concept with different icing. This beauty comes as a DIY kit from Wilton in the US, so if my creative task proves too great for this Christmas then I might order one of these for next year. Would that be a cop out? :-)

This van by Sugar and Cloth is a real eye-catcher. You can check out the recipe and instructions on their website. I think I’ll also need to incorporate a cool Christmas tree, edible sand and some sugar glass windows, but the whole retro design in no way reminds me of the late-model motorhome in which we travel.

This is more like the shape. It's the only motorhome that tickled my fancy, but it’s not very Christmassy. In fact, if you’re a fan of the US series Breaking Bad then you might recognise this Instructables simplistic, yet naughty, representation. I’ve not seen the series, although I know what it’s about – and still I think this is a cool gingerbread RV.

Uh, I’m now exhausted just thinking about all this work. I couldn't possibly start baking now. Did you know that the average gingerbread house takes six and a half hours to make? It would be past midnight when I finished!

I think I need an easier solution. Got it - I’ll ring our fabulous local patisserie, La Maison du Patissier. They do the most stunning Goutte d'Eau (below) - FAR more elegant than the crude RV representation I could muster. And the really exciting bit is that I'm on the road again... all the way to the patisserie.

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