Go Ballooning Gold Coast Hot Air Flight Tour
Gold Coast QLD

2021 Best Grey Nomad

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Home of the world’s largest PINK hot air balloon!


Love the idea of watching the sunshine as you gently float above the Gold Coast and surrounding hinterland areas? Is hot air ballooning on your bucket list? Then this is for you!

Go Ballooning Gold Coast believe "life is not measured by the breaths you take but by the moments that take your breath away.”

What they have to offer you is an experience unlike any other. It’s a breathtaking moment, a bucket list item, a memory guaranteed to last a lifetime. Don’t say you've always wanted to do that, put the Gold Coast on your next itinerary and go and fly with Go Ballooning!

Location: Balloon flights take place at sunrise over the Gold Coast. Stunning, eh? This is when the weather conditions are at their most stable with a high likelihood of light winds and cool, calm atmospheric conditions. Perfect for ballooning!

The experience:  The Gold Coast is one of the only locations in the world where flights are scheduled all year round. So any day is a good day to fly! Flights vary between 30 and 60 minutes with an average flight time of 45 minutes. The total time 'on tour' is approximately 4 hours. This includes a flight briefing from your pilot, completing some paperwork, travelling to and from the launch and landing sites in one of our shuttle buses and the 5 Star Buffet breakfast at the Sheraton afterwards. Once you take off then the world become a magical place. As balloons are incredibly versatile, you may find yourself floating at tree top height or soaring up to 7,500 feet!

If you think you'll struggle to climb into the basket but are otherwise healthy, then call Go Ballooning on 0439 083 933 so they can ensure you are booked into the balloon that has easy access DOORS! 

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