Brighten up your Zoom meetings

COVID has changed the world, and maybe not always for the worse. Now we all have "permission" to hold virtual meetings. However, if you're like us then maybe you're also sick of having to share your home or office with everyone who's attending your Zoom meeting.

Here's our gift to you - some sweet images that showcase the magnificent array of landscape found throughout Australia turned into Zoom virtual backgrounds. They are guaranteed to bring a smile to your colleagues' faces.

Zoom virtual backgrounds work best with a green screen, but we figure you probably don't have one of those hanging around. So all you need do is position your computer and you so that you have a blank wall behind you and use uniform lighting so Zoom can detect the difference between you and your real background.

Sorry to push more instructions your way when the whole world is shouting at you these days, but here's how you upload these backgrounds: Just click on the image you want to use from those below to gain access to the full-size image inside a zipped folder. Save the folder to your computer desktop, and then in your Zoom app click on the settings cog to find and go to "Virtual Background". Choose the + symbol and upload your chosen background from your desktop folder. It's that simple.

Psst... the backgrounds can be used as screen wallpapers also.

Cape Spencer SA LR.jpg

Cape Spencer SA

Sheep Hills VIC LR.jpg

Sheep Hills VIC

Glen Helen Gorge NT LR.jpg

Glen Helen Gorge NT

Snowy Valleys NSW LR.jpg

Snowy Valleys NSW

Daintree QLD LR.jpg

Daintree QLD

Lucky Bay WA LR.jpg

Lucky Bay WA