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embrace adventure

   play with fire

      find your courage

         live life to the fullest

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My name is Harlie (also known as Harls), and for four glorious years I travelled more than 100,000 kilometres to every corner of this sunburnt country, sniffing out adventure, meeting other woofers and having the best time!

I loved being on the road and sharing via Facebook my doggie experience of the places that I discovered so that others gained a firsthand understanding of places that do (or don’t) welcome pups like me.

Having stayed at 200+ campsites in every mainland territory and state, I got a pretty good idea of what makes a good place for me and my four-legged mates too.

Sadly, that phase has passed along with my passing.

And while I’m now playing on the other side of the rainbow bridge, the Best Dog-Friendly Stay category in the Grey Nomad Awards will continue to identify the best places where travelling pooches can stay and play. Having campsites that are welcoming makes life more fun for us, and life easier for our humans!

Love always, Harlie


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