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Champions Map

Every past winner...

Judged by experienced tourism industry professionals, the Grey Nomad Awards identify and reward those organisations and communities that are focussed on the pursuit and delivery of excellence - customer excellence, product excellence and excellent experiences for senior visitors.

That requires the courage to look internally and a focus on continual improvement. These are qualities that our winners have in spades.

This map is part of our commitment to showcase each winner since 2019 and their success in those endeavours while sharing the very best places to visit, stay and play for overland RV travellers.

You can click on each marker for more information about that winner.

Blue = 2022 Winners

Purple = 2021 Winners

Orange = 2020 Winners

Yellow = 2019 Winners

If you can't see winners from previous years then click on the icon on the top left of the map. or click the 'view larger map' icon on the top right.

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