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Thomas Danbo's Giants of Mandurah
Mandurah WA

2023 Best Trail

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There's Billi Bob, Little Lui, Seba's Song, Santi Ikto and the more complex Yaburgurt Cirkelstone.

Thomas Dambo’s recycled wooden giants, including a hidden fifth one named Jyttes Hytte, are the centrepieces of a cultural tourism trail in and around the Mandurah region south of Perth.

Since November 2022, this free-to-view, outdoor trail by Danish artist Thomas Dambo has brought thousands of people to Western Australia's Peel region to discover the unique texture of Mandurah’s First Nations, cultural, natural, and urban settings.

The project highlights Mandurah’s globally significant Ramsar-listed wetlands, and unique waterways, bushland and wildlife. The artistic narrative and environmental story sit alongside and are inextricably intertwined with the creation story of Mandjoogoordap, gifted by the region’s Traditional Owners, the Bindjareb Noongar people.

The trail was initiated and produced by FORM, informed by Noongar traditional custodians, and delivered in collaboration with the City of Mandurah.


Location:  In and around Mandurah

Open: All year round

Experiences:  Mandurah, WA's largest regional town, is known for its beautiful waterways and relaxed holiday atmosphere. The canals, winding rivers, pretty lakes and 134 km² of calm inland waterways make it the ideal destination to enjoy all kinds of activities on or near the water. Whether you want to see (or taste) the sights from the Mandurah Estuary, discover a favourite with fresh eyes or explore the natural beauty of the region, there are many amazing things to do. 

Judges said:  This is a truly unique attraction and FORM must be congratulated because it takes enormous courage to have this sort of ‘out of the box’ thinking in art, culture and tourism. We particularly love that there are various ways to experience this art trail, including collaborations with local tourism operators who have created visitor experiences centred around the Giants.

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