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Sarina Sugar Shed Tour
Sarina, Mackay Region QLD

2023 Best Tour

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This quintessentially Queensland tourism attraction is an initiative which started 20 years ago by passionate locals who wanted to highlight the rich heritage of the sugar cane industry in Queensland. Through daily guided tours, Sarina Sugar Shed takes visitors on a journey from growing sugar cane to crushing and processing it, ready to be converted into refined sugar and alcohol, and finishes with tastings of both alcoholic and food products made onsite to showcase sugar in its finished form. What a deliciously perfect way to experience a key industry when you Visit Mackay Isaac Region!


Location:  On the Bruce Highway, Sarina

Open: All year round except Christmas, Boxing Day, Good Friday and the morning of Anzac Day.

Experiences:  While this tour is the Gold winner, there's plenty of other activities to keep you returning to the Sarina Sugar Shed. That includes their Rum Distillery Tour (the spirits are also a winner), tasting sessions, cocktail masterclasses, the shop where you'll find all manner of delicious things, and the onsite cafe where even more delicious ness can be found.

Judges said:   We love that the Sarina Sugar Shed Tour includes the opportunity to taste the multitude of products made onsite and that volunteers play a pivotal role in the production of some of these items. The fact that their rum sells out within weeks of release each year is testimony to the quality of what this tourism attraction produces and their focus on product excellence, despite these products not being their primary purpose. ‘Deliciously perfect’ is the way we would describe Sarina Sugar Shed.

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