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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a timeframe that answers must fit to?

Yes. Your responses must relate to the qualifying period with all activities undertaken in the last financial year, from 1 July 2018 to 30 June 2019.


What is the entry process?

The Awards entry process is simple and user-friendly with all questions answered online through our awards portal, which you can access 24/7 at your convenience. The judging process has been created to ensure an equal playing field for all nominees.

Once nominations are open on Wednesday 1 May 2019 then you’ll be able to go to the Enter Now page where you will find a list of the categories and a link to start the nomination process. Choose the category or categories you wish to enter. Enter three or more organisation categories and you will receive a discount. Once you click through to start then you will be asked to complete some basic nominee and billing information before making payment.


Are there fees?

The Grey Nomad Hero and Volunteer categories are free. Only the organisation categories have an entry fee, and there are Early Bird and multiple entry discounts for these categories. Entry fees cover administration tasks, the online awards portal costs and judging-related expenses. 


How can I pay?

Payment is via credit card or bank transfer through the online portal as part of your registration process. Once payment has been received you will automatically receive a Tax Invoice and will be directed to the online awards platform. A confirmation with the relevant link will be sent to the email address provided. Take care to save and file this link as you will require them each time you login to the online portal.

Will I be disqualified if I enter the wrong category?

You must endeavour to submit in the correct category, and the Awards managers will check all entries before  judges gain access. However, we understand mistakes occur sometimes, and so the Award managers reserve the right to change a nominee's category if the nominee has entered a category that they are not eligible to enter.


How will our submission/s be judged?

Judges with tourism expertise will assess each submission. They will have completed Non-Disclosure and Conflict of Interest statements before the judges commence assessment. An audit will then be conducted to ensure that the results are without miscalculation and above censure. All scores will remain private and confidential. The 2019 judges will be announced in September 2019, and will be experienced professionals.


How long does my answer need to be?

Once you nominate then you’ll be directed to the online entry platform. At the bottom right corner of each question you will see the maximum number of characters for your response. Spaces are counted as characters. You can see your progress as the first number shows how many characters you have typed, while the second number shows how many are permitted. To make the most of the opportunity, include as much pertinent information as possible within the character limit. (Note: Words average 5 characters, so 500 characters = approximately 100 words. This is a guide only.)


Do I have to start and finish my submission in one session?

No. You can start your submission and come back to finish it any time – or as many times as you wish - before the closing date.  At the end of each session make sure you hit the “Save as Draft” button. Do not hit the "Submit" button until you are ready to complete your entry and submit it.


How will I know my submission has been received?

After hitting the "Submit" button you will receive a confirmation e-mail. If you do not see that email come through then check your "junk" mailbox.


What should I do if I did not receive a confirmation e-mail after I hit the "Submit" button?

First, check your junk mail folder - the most likely problem is that your spam filter sent the e-mail there. If you don't find it in your junk mail folder, then please contact the Awards Managers for assistance.


Can we submit a few days late?

No. In the interest of fairness to all nominees, no late entries will be accepted.


Can we submit multiple entries?

Yes. Upon payment of the nomination fee you will be sent a link to the awards entry portal. Down the left hand column you will see the categories you have entered. You will need to submit an entry for each category.


Can I work on multiple entries at the same time?

Yes. Once you have registered for multiple entries or categories, each time you login you will see a table of incomplete and completed entries. Click on the "Edit" button to continue working on an incomplete entry.