Mary Valley Rattler
Gympie QLD

2021 Best Grey Nomad 

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Bringing the magic of the Mary Valley to life through heritage rail experiences.

Travel back in history to a time when everything was slower, more relaxed, a time when everybody living along the Mary River in southern Queensland saw life through the prism of the River, a time when the Mary Valley railway line was a very important part of their community.

The Mary Valley Rattler is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to ensuring the public has access to a heritage rail experience and operates with a fully restored fleet of rolling stock.


The multi-faceted attraction includes a small ‘museum’ that shares stories of the century-old Mary Valley Railway line and its people, a giftshop and the Rusty Rails Café, plus half-day heritage rail experiences through the picturesque Mary Valley between Gympie and Amamoor.


With a special all-access carriage and another dedicated to those who travel with their fur-friends, the Mary Valley Rattler's do everything in their power to create memories that live on far beyond the rail journey. Options include:

  • The Classic Rattler Run in a C17 steam locomotive operates even Saturday and Wednesday, leaving Gympie's special heritage railway station*  - the largest wooden station in Queensland - at 10.00 am and returning at 1.00 pm.

  • On Sundays a steam locomotive also makes the The Stations Run, stopping at Dagun in addition to Amamoor. It returns at 1.30 pm.

  • First Class VIP Club Car where you travel in a special VIP carriage, with bar on board, a hostess or host, a souvenir coller and more.

  • There are also Dine and Ride Premium Upgrades on the Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday runs that provide you with  priority pre boarding, assigned seating, on board morning treat, lunch at the Rusty Rails Cafe, a beverage of choice with your meal and bottle of water. 

  • On Thursdays the RM76 Railmotor will take you on a Rattler Tasting Train to celebrate the food and produce of the Mary Valley.

  • Special event trains for special occasions, often themed to make the trip extra special.

* Not the commuter railway station.


  • The Historic Gympie Station is a traditional Queensland building which has been fully restored and is worth taking the time to explore as it houses a historical exhibition all about the Mary Valley Railway Line and its people

  • The Rusty Rails Café caters for all tastes with takeaway available to enjoy on board

  • Train-themed treasures and local specialty products for sale

  • Explore the quaint village of Amamoor and watch as the locomotive detaches from the carriages, shunts onto a restored turntable and turns around before re-attaching for the return journey.

Location: Old Gympie Station, Tozer Street, Gympie. On-street RV parking is limited.

Facilities:  Tours, booking office, gift shop, toilets, cafe, all access, dog friendly, car parking.


Gympie is Queensland's original gold mining town - the town that saved the state from becoming bankrupt! It has a gold mining museum and many other places of heritage interest. These days it is the golden gateway to many other treasures, such as the beautiful Rainbow Beach, which was recently named one of Australia’s top beaches. Travelling though Gympie to Inskip Point provides the fastest access point to World Heritage-listed Fraser Island when travelling from Brisbane or the Sunshine Coast. 

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