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Food For Thought in New Grey Nomad Awards Category

At any one time there are tens of thousands of foodie fatales travelling Australian highways and back roads in search of not just tasty treats, but food related experiences.

Think food tours, trails and markets, visits to providores and farm gates, dining at paddock-to-plate and trawler-to-table offerings, plus learning new skills at cooking distillery schools. Then there’s the epic country pubs, themed restaurants and brilliant bakeries offering an exceptional feed.

Awards Director Liz Rivers said “Food experiences are nourishing for the body and soul, and that does not change simply because someone is travelling. “That is why we have introduced a category which rewards those who nourish others - the Grey Nomad Best Foodie Experience,” she said.

Entering is as easy as pie with just five simple questions to answer. Go bananas and butter up the judges with tasty morsels about your foodie offering and its success.

You will see that life is a bowl of cherries with all nominees being showcased on our social channels. That’s an extra 28,700 eager and engaged travellers being introduced to you! And winners? Well, you will have your cake and eat it too!

More Bang for Your Buck For the Next Three Weeks

While there are more chances to win than ever before, with 46 state and national gongs on offer in the Grey Nomad Awards we have maintained the incredible offers. If you want to save 25% on the entry fee then simply register and pay in the next three weeks - before close of business on Friday 29 September - to take advantage of our Early Bird savings. You do not need to submit your entry at that time. It will take you less than five minutes to register and pay, and you will then have until Monday 6 November to answer a few simple questions and upload some photos to grab the judge’s – and the media’s – attention. There are no catches and no surprises.


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