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2020 Awards

winners announced at the

2021 Art of Attraction Tourism Summit



Winners of 2020 Grey Nomad Awards will be announced on 4 March 2021 at the 2021 Art of Attraction Tourism Summit - a two-day conference looking at two fast-growing segments of Australian tourism: mature-age visitation and art tourism.

2020 has been stressful, challenging and surreal for everyone who relies on the grey nomad dollar. Obviously, the degree to which a tourism operator, campground or caravan park has been impacted will depend on where you are located, so very special and specific criteria just for 2020 has been introduced to ensure the Awards are fair to all organisations across Australia, no matter where you are located.


The questions nominees will answer have been crafted by Awards Absolute applying 25 years of awards establishment, management and assessment expertise to ensure all nominees, no matter how much you have been impacted by COVID-19, have an equal opportunity to win.


Accordingly, this year's questions have been simplified to make it easy for you to share and celebrate your achievements and resilience. They look at:

  • What you offered prior to 1 March 2020.

  • Improvements and changes you have made over the past 12 months to October 2020.


The Grey Nomad Awards team has been travelling within permitted borders and continues to engage with this critically-important visitor segment on behalf of regional, rural and remote Australia.


We understand that encouraging mature-age visitors to see Australia first is now more important than ever, and the Grey Nomad Awards team stand alongside you. We remain committed to showcasing the best destinations, camps and van parks, tours and attractions that welcome and cater to grey nomads.


Together, we will provide travellers with the ideas and inspiration to #holidayherethisyear and #holidayherenextyear



The Grey Nomad Awards recognise and reward Councils, government authorities, caravan parks, farmstays, pubs with camping, club and community group camps, tourist attractions, tour operators, festivals and businesses that provide exemplary products, services or experiences for mature-aged travellers in Australia.



There are ten categories for organisations and businesses that target and service mature age tourists, covering all types of campsites and van parks, tours, attractions, and events.


The Grey Nomad Awards entry process is simple and user-friendly with all questions answered online through our awards portal, which you can access 24/7 at your convenience. The judging process has been created to ensure an equal playing field for all nominees.



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