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Paws for a While in Yoketown

Updated: Aug 3, 2020

Dear Grey Nomad Dogs,

My name is Indi and I’m the luckiest – and therefore the lickiest - dog in the world!

On Valentines Day this year Jenny and Colin, who manage the Yorketown Caravan Park on the Yorke Peninsula, decided that they had more love to give and so they should meet the little pup they’d seen on the Guardian Angel Pet Rescue Facebook page. That was me, and soon after they asked me if I’d like to live with them. Would I ever!!!

Come meet me, I'm Indi.

You see I had a bit of a rough trot for the first six weeks of life. I can’t remember much, and I’m lucky in that regard too because I was dumped and sick when some kind soul found the box I’d been shoved inside on the roadside and took me to the pet rescue.

Now life is really pawsome because I get to meet travellers and their fur babies. You see, I have a very important job – I’m the official ambassador for Mum and Dad’s van park, and they think I’m pretty special.

I’m taking my responsibilities very seriously. After a hearty breakfast I take one of my parents for an hour walk to keep them trim and fit. On most days the folks around Yorketown, which is a super friendly place, say hello and some even pat me.

Once we get home I spend a few hours playing quietly so Mum and Dad can get on with maintaining and improving the caravan park. It’s very important that I remain focussed on my numerous toys at this time, so I don’t interrupt them.

If I’m good then I’m allowed to meet guests in the early afternoon. At seven months I still get a bit excitable, especially when children giggle and tickle me, but I am always very gentle with them. Kids need lots of training! This way I earn my right to play with other children in the future.

I know there’s always lots going on in the park too, with pups and their owners coming and going. It took me a while to remember that I must not bark at newcomers, and these days I mostly wag my tail instead!

The rest of each afternoon is set aside for a nap before I take Mum or Dad for another walk (they seem to really like it, but I’m still undecided). Then it’s teatime, followed by a half-hour game of tug-of-war. This keeps my parents’ arms strong so they can do some of the harder tasks needed to keep the park immaculate. I can’t keep it up for long though, and by 8 o’clock I’m always exhausted so I flop into bed and start dreaming with angels.

I live a cherished life, and I love showing other friendly dogs what’s so special about my home – not just the van park or Yorketown, but the whole region.

Did you know that dogs are welcome off leash on all beaches in Yorke Peninsula? Everywhere except in the National Parks. Think long walks on snow-white sandy beaches with your precious pooch paddling in turquoise waters beside you. Yes, please!

All that beach time can build up a thirst. Luckily, I know a great spot for both you and your humans which is only 20 minutes from Yorketown.

Watsacowie Brewing Co is a chic, dog-friendly brewery where pampered pooches like me are welcomed. You'd have to stay on a lead, and that’s OK because you can spend your time keeping an eye out for Jazz, the resident Red Kelpie, while your humans decide on which of the 12 regular taps serving icy cold beer and cider they’ll try that day. Don’t like beer? Me neither. Watsacowie serves SA wine too (also, not my thing) and on weekends they host local catering crews that specialise in barbecued delights. Hot dogs? No, surely not!

If your masters are willing to go just a little further then Sunny Hill Distillery near Arthurton is another place we dogs like. We’re allowed in all their outside areas, even on their beaut deck! Wheat Vodka is made here. Served in a Dachshund-size glass, it has a Doberman-like kick. The wheat is grown right there on the farm, and then it’s mashed, fermented, distilled and bottled to make a "crop to drop" product. That vodka is then used as the base for Sunny Hill’s gins, as well as their coffee and chocolate liqueurs. Boy, it’s hard being a dog sometimes. They serve light snacks, cheese, dips and crackers too, but your masters can bring their own picnic.

Being snuggled when I was a lil pup

So next time you’re in South Australia, pleeease come and stay with here. I’d live to share my boutique van park with you and maybe we can play a little too.


Indi, the luckiest dog in the world,

Ambassador, Yorketown Caravan Park (Best Small Caravan Park Award)

Yorke Peninsula, South Australia


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